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January 26, 2015

Wrap Text in Excel 2013

How to wrap extra-long text into multiple lines in Excel 2013

Excel allows you to accommodate extra-long text within a cell into multiple lines so that you can see all of it. This feature comes in very handy when your excel sheet has cells containing long text that you want to be displayed within the respective cells itself. The following screenshot shows how the long-text “Itechmindz [...]


How to reject a call by sending an automated message in android

It is quite common to receive most number of your calls either when you are busy or when you are driving to your workplace. In these situations it might not be possible for you to answer calls or ignore them because of their importance. So, in order to reject and respond to those calls in [...]


Kill Safe – an app to hide images and videos on your Android Smartphones

Are you searching for an app that hides images and videos present in the Gallery of android smartphones? If yes,  then here is an app called Kill Safe that will do the same as specified above. Kill Safe application will help android users to hide images and videos using a password protection feature. The password [...]


How to make Firefox not to ask for remembering passwords

Do you get annoyed when you see a notification message in your Firefox browser that asks you ‘do you want the password for this site to be remembered or not’? Well, I myself get annoyed with that notification. But however, this is a normal feature in most of the modern day browsers which is enabled [...]


Five precautionary steps to consider before downloading android apps

The range of Android apps that are presently at stake from the Android market is driving most of its users crazy. There are millions of apps available in the current android market ranging from free apps to paid apps, but however, the android market by itself is such that, any user using an android device [...]


Find out which version of Firmware your Android smartphone is using

It is very important to know which version of the Android OS or firmware your Android smartphone is using, because most of the applications that are being developed for Android devices are Firmware-specific or OS-specific. i.e., the applications that are available on the Android market will be compatible depending upon the firmware version installed on [...]


Move the Chat box in Gmail from left-side to right-side

Do you use plenty of manually created labels in your Gmail account along with the standard Gmail labels such as Inbox, Starred and Important? Then it would be sometimes annoying to find that long list of friends in your Chat box which will be displayed right below the Gmail labels. The Gmail interface is such [...]

Google Free Online Calculator

Google launches its own free online calculator

Search giant Google has launched its own free online calculator to make computations easy for users when they are surfing the web. This Google online calculator let users do simple arithmetic calculations as well as scientific calculations on the go. From the tricky trigonometry to your complex physics calculations, you can accomplish everything on this [...]


How to Enable Call Forwarding on Android Smartphones

Call Forwarding is one of the most common features present on all cell phones and it is no different when it comes to smartphones running on Android platform. Almost all the cell phones which run on Android operating system have the call forwarding feature incorporated into them but with some additional options and tweaks. Call [...]