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January 27, 2015

How to Enable and Disable Pop-up windows on Android HTML browser

Pop-up windows are nothing but those small annoying windows that gets displayed on your browsers automatically without the owner’s consent whenever you visit some specific web sites or web pages. These pop-up windows usually will be a touch smaller than that of your normal browser window.

By default, Pop-window blocker feature will be enabled on all the standard web browsers like Firefox, Chrome and IE and it is same with the built-in HTML browser that comes with Android Smartphones. The Android HTML browser by default will block pop- windows from appearing on your smartphone screens. A Pop-up window if appears automatically on your Desktop or on your Laptop can be bearable to some extent, but if pop-up windows keep appearing on tiny display of smartphones, it is really annoying.

The following section of the How-to guide will walk you through the procedure of how to Enable and Disable Pop-up windows on Android HTML browser.

1)      On your Android Smartphone, open up the default HTML browser by tapping on the Internet icon that is displayed on the Home screen.

2)      Once you have the HTML browser opened, tap on the Menu button and then click on More option.

3)      From the list of options thus displayed on your screen, click on Settings.

4)      In the Settings window thus opened, if you see a green check mark against the option that says Block pop-up windows, then it indicates that pop-up blocker feature is enabled on your Android browser. If you do not see a green checkmark against the option, then it indicates that the pop-up blocker feature is disabled. Tap on the option to enable it.

So, this is how you can enable or disable the pop-up windows on Android HTML browser that comes preloaded with your Android smartphones.

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