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January 30, 2015

How to hide app icons from application drawer on Android

Do you have a few app icons residing on your android application drawer which you want to hide or do you want to hide those unused icons that are sitting pretty all the time inside the app drawer making the drawer look a little messy? If this is the case, then you can make use of an app called Launcher Pro to hide app icons from the App drawer on any of your Android devices.

You can download the Launcher Pro app for free from the Android market

The Launcher Pro app has the potential to do a lot more things other than simply hiding the application icons from the app drawer. For instance, It can altogether yield a new look to your homescreen and the application drawer. Once you have the Launcher Pro installed on your Android device, then it is only a matter of few taps from getting the app icons hidden from your application drawer. So, let’s see how to go about doing this in the following section.

Hide App icons from the Application drawer

As soon as the downloading of the Launcher Pro is done, you will see the following dialog window on your screens. In this window screen, tap on the option that says LauncherPro.

                Now, you should see a new layout of your homescreen with a few icons displayed in it.

                Now, while being on the homescreen, tap on the Menu button (usually the touch sensitive button on the left-hand side) and from the pop-up menu thus opened, select Preferences.

                In the Preferences screen, select General Settings.

                In the General Settings screen, select the first option that says Hidden Apps.

                Now, you should see the list of apps that you have installed on your android device. Tap on the application whose icon you wish to hide from the app drawer (a green checkmark will be displayed against the selected application) and then click on the Save button displayed below the screen.

                All done, navigate to your application drawer and you can discover that the app you selected in the previous step will not be displayed. Repeat the above steps if you want to hide other application icons.

Even after hiding app icons, if anybody gets succeeded in un-hiding them through the Preferences menu of the Launcher Pro app, then you can make use of an app called Perfect Applock to lock those apps before actually hiding them. So, when somebody gets to unhide these app icons, they will still not be able to access them.

All said, don’t use the Launcher Pro for just hiding some app icons because it has various other features incorporated within it which provide you with options to tweak various homescreen settings and the application drawer on your android devices.

Download Launcher Pro from Android market

Note: - if you want to revert back from the Launcher Pro homescreen interface to the traditional android homescreen interface, then navigate to the Task manager and end the Launcher Pro application.


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