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January 31, 2015

How to keep your Android Photo Gallery synced with Dropbox

How many of them are out there who on a frequent basis capture beautiful photos with your Smartphone camera? Well, there are plenty including me and nobody wants to lose any of those pictures at any point of time. So, how it would be to have a backup copy of all those pictures you capture stored somewhere secure and safe.  Yes, Dropbox is the place for it. Using an add-on of Dropbox called Dropspace, you can have your Android Photo Gallery folder synced with the Dropbox application so that the images you capture will be automatically sent to both, the Dropbox cloud as well as the Dropbox folder on your Android device.

You can download the Dropspace Add-on from here

The Dropspace Add-on allows you to sync your Android phone’s SD card with the Dropbox folder. But however, syncing the SD card as a whole may not be required at all the circumstances. So, you can only sync important folders to your Dropbox folder. One such folder might be your Android phone’s Gallery camera folder where all your captured images are stored. Once you have the Photo Gallery folder synced to the Dropbox application, all the images you capture from then will be automatically synced and stored on the Dropbox folder and as well as on the Dropbox cloud. So, let’s see the procedure of how to achieve this.

How to Sync Android Photo gallery with Dropbox folder

Once you have the Dropspace App installed, launch it on your android device.

                You will be asked to login with your Dropbox credentials in order to access the application.

               When you login successfully, you will be displayed with the Home screen where in you need to tap on the option that says Manage Sync list.

                Once you tap on Manage Sync list, you have the options of either choosing your entire SD card to be synced with Dropbox or only a specific folder on your SD card to be synced. Since we want to sync the Photo Gallery folder, we choose the latter option. So, tap on Add this directory to Sync list and then from the SD card folders thus displayed, select DCIM and then long press the Camera folder. Long pressing the folder will display a pop up menu containing some options. Select the option that says Add this directory to sync list.

                Now, you should select a directory on your Dropbox folder where you want the captured images to be stored. If you want to store it on the main Dropbox folder, then long press the Dropbox Root folder. If you want to store them inside a particular folder on your Dropbox, then tap on the Root directory and then long press the folder where you want to store the captured images.

Once you do this, your Android Photo Gallery folder will be synced with Dropbox and the images you capture will be synchronized at a regular time interval (default time interval is one hour).

So, from here on, the images you capture on your Smartphone’s camera will be automatically sent to your Dropbox folder on the android device and also to the Dropbox cloud. By doing this, you always have the liberty of deleting some of the photos on your photo gallery because you know you have a backup copy of them stored on the Dropbox cloud.

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