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January 27, 2015

How to remove the annoying Internet Explorer is not your Default Browser notification

If you use a computer that has more than two internet browsers installed in it and if you find that a browser other than Internet Explorer is configured as the default browser, then every time you start Internet explorer browser, you will see the following yellow colored notification box that asks ‘Would you like to make Internet Explorer your default browser’?.

The above notification box appears every time you start Internet Explorer browser and it will continue to display unless and until you have configured Internet Explorer to be your default browser. This notification box may be annoying to some users because every time they have to click on the No or the Yes button to close it. But however, there is a way in which you can prevent the notification from appearing on your browser at the start up.

The following section of the article will walk you through the procedure on how to remove the annoying Internet explorer is not your default browser notification in Internet Explorer browser.

1) Click on the Tools icon that you see at the top right hand corner of your browser window and then click on Internet Options from the drop down menu.

2) In the Internet Options window thus opened, under the Programs tab, in the Default web browser category, make sure that you remove the checkmark from the checkbox that says Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default browser.

3) Click on Apply and then on OK.

So, from here on whenever you start your Internet Explorer web browser, you will not see the annoying Internet Explorer is not your default browser notification on the browser window.



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