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January 30, 2015

How to Request for SMS Delivery Reports on Android Smartphones

One of the major advantages of using a smartphone is it provides easier and feature-filled ways for achieving your daily messaging needs. So, it often becomes important to know every message that is sent is successfully delivered at the other end. To confirm this successful delivery of messages, Android Smartphones have a cool feature incorporated in them that lets you request for SMS delivery reports for each and every SMS you send.

By default, Request for SMS delivery reports feature is disabled on all Android smartphones. But however, you can easily enable it if you wish to have a delivery report acknowledgement sent for each message you send via your android smartphone. The following section of the tutorial will walk you through the procedure of how to enable the feature on android smartphones.


1)      Open the Messaging application on your android phone.

2)      Click on the Menu button and then click on Settings in the popup box thus opened at the bottom of your phone screen.

3)      In the Settings screen thus opened, under Text message (SMS) settings category, select the first option that says Delivery reports. A green checkmark should now be displayed against the option.


To confirm whether you receive a delivery report for the messages you send, just send a simple SMS to one of your friends and once the message is delivered, you should receive a delivery report on your phone on the Notification bar.


NOTE: - you can also enable request for MMS delivery reports. To do so, in the Message Settings screen, under Multimedia message (MMS) settings category, select the option that says Delivery reports. If you select the next option, Read reports under the same category, then a read report will be sent for each and every MMS you send.

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