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January 30, 2015

Make Google Chrome automatically delete browsing History upon exit

Unlike Firefox, there is no option in Google Chrome web browser that you can enable to have the browser delete browsing history when you exit from the browser. In Firefox, through the Options window, you can have the browser delete history upon exit but Google Chrome browser does not have any such option that lets you clear browsing history upon exit, but there is still an option that lets you delete cookies and other sited data automatically when you exit from the browser.

In the following How-to guide, we will guide you on how to use the Click & Clean Extension for Chrome to make the Google Chrome browser automatically delete browsing history upon exit. This extension, in addition to deleting browsing history, it also deletes downloads history, remove temporary files, delete cookies, cleans your hard drives and increases disk space, removes flash based cookies etc.

This simple, yet powerful extension lets you achieve all the above mentioned tasks instantly with a single mouse click.

Download Click & Clean extension from here

Clicking on the above download link will direct you to the Click & Clean page of the Chrome’s web store where you can click on the Install button to start downloading the add-on.

Once the download is completed, you will see a small Confirm Installation dialog box. Click on the Install button to start installing the extension in your browser.

Once the extension is installed in your chrome browser, you will see the Click & Clean icon displayed to the right side of the address bar in your browser.

So, once you are done with your browsing session or you are about to exit from your browser, close all the opened tabs and click on the Click & Clean icon.

Clicking on the icon will display a drop down menu of items on your browser window.

From the list of Menu items displayed, click on the item that says Clear private Data.

A small dialog box appears on your screen that displays the data that gets cleared when you perform this current task. Click on Ok to proceed.

once you click OK, all the browsing history, download history, temporary files and cookies will be cleared from your browser.

now, you can exit from the browser without worrying about your private data still being stored in your browser or your computer.

You may be thinking that, why do we need this extension when the browser itself provides us with a feature called the Incognito mode which allows users to surf the web privately without storing any browsing history, cookies and download history.

This is because, the web pages that you visited while browsing the web may still possibly hold some records and data of your visits and any temporary files that gets stored on your PC will still remain in your PC unless and until you use an external tool like C cleaner or Click & Clean to remove them. This is where Click & Clean comes into play.




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