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January 29, 2015

How to Enable Call Forwarding on Android Smartphones

Call Forwarding is one of the most common features present on all cell phones and it is no different when it comes to smartphones running on Android platform. Almost all the cell phones which run on Android operating system have the call forwarding feature incorporated into them but with some additional options and tweaks.

Call forwarding is a process where you can automatically forward calls coming to your mobile number to a different mobile number or mobile numbers. Call forwarding on android smartphones not only allows you to just forward calls to different numbers, but also allows you to forward calls to different numbers when you are busy with some other call, your phone not reachable due to a network problem or when you are not able to answer a call.

The following tutorial will walk you through the procedure of how to enable call forwarding on android smartphones.

 1)      On your android device, while in the home screen, tap on the Menu button and select Settings from the popup menu thus revealed.

2)      In the Settings screen thus opened, select Call Settings option.

3)      In the Call settings screen, select Voice call.

4)      Now, select Call forwarding option from the voice call screen thus opened.

5)      Now, in the Call forwarding screen thus opened, you can see different options (rather we can say it as different situations) that you can use to forward incoming calls.

6)      You can use any of the options available to forward your calls. For example, if you wish to forward an incoming call to a different number when you are busy, then select the option that says Forward when busy.

7)      Now, enter the number to which you want the incoming call to be forwarded when you are busy. Once you enter the number, tap on the Enable button.

8)      After enabling call forwarding, you will see a call forwarding icon appearing as a notification on your android phone, though the icon will appear if and only if you have the option for forwarding all incoming calls to a different mobile number.

9)      Similarly, you can set different mobile numbers for different situations where you want the incoming calls to be forwarded.

10)  To Disable call forwarding, tap on that call forwarding option which you would like to disable and then tap on the Disable button.

From here on, all calls that are made to your mobile number will be forwarded to the numbers you have configured, depending upon the status of your phone whether it is busy, not reachable or not answering.

Important: - Before enabling the feature of Call Forwarding on your android smartphones, it is recommended that you confirm with your mobile carrier that Call forwarding is a part of your mobile data plan otherwise you may be incurred with some additional charges for the same. When I tried the call forwarding feature on my Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphone, no additional charges were deducted from my balance and the mobile carrier was Airtel.

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