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January 27, 2015

Use private browsing mode to access two Gmail accounts simultaneously

There are many ways in which you can access two or more Gmail accounts simultaneously. For example, you can use Gmail’s in-built feature of multiple sign-in or you can use two different browsers to login to two different Gmail accounts or else you can make use of a plugin that allows you to login into multiple Gmail accounts while being on the same browser. But however, did you ever know that you can make use of the Private Browsing mode which is a trademark feature present on all modern day browsers to access two Gmail accounts simultaneously with utmost ease. This would be the easiest way possible to access two Gmail accounts simultaneously.

Using the in-built feature of Private browsing mode that is present on every modern day browser, you can easily have two different Gmail accounts opened on the same browser, but on two different windows, one in the normal window and the other one in the Private browsing window.

Easiest way to access two Gmail accounts simultaneously

What all you have to do is, just open your regular browser window and then from the Tools or Settings Menu, open another window which should be the Private browsing mode window.

Login with one Gmail account on the normal browser window and then turn to the Private browsing mode window and login with your another Gmail account. Thus you will have two Gmail accounts simultaneously opened on the same browser.

The Private Browsing mode is known by different names on different browsers.

In Google Chrome, it is called the Incognito window. To open Incognito window, click on the Wrench icon displayed at the top right corner and then from the pop-down menu thus revealed, select New incognito window.

In Firefox, it is know by the name Private browsing. You can find this option under the Firefox’s Tools Menu or if you are using the latest version, you can find this under the Orange colored main Firefox Menu itself.

In Internet explorer 8 and later, it is called the InPrivate browsing mode. You can find this option under the Internet explorer settings Menu under the Safety category. You can also use CTRL+SHIFT+P to open Inprivate browsing window.

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Advantages of using Private browsing mode for accessing two Gmail accounts

You need not require two browsers to log into two different Gmail accounts and thus it exempts you from forcing you to use your non-favorite browser. Using two browsers simultaneously requires a lot of primary memory on your PC.

Do not have to put forth that extra effort needed to tweak the settings of Gmail’s multiple sign-in page and the task of adding an additional plugin to your browser.


Disadvantages of using Private browsing mode for accessing two Gmail accounts

Using Private browsing mode on a single browser, you can login to a maximum of only two Gmail accounts, but however, if you are keen on using two different browsers, you can access four Gmail accounts but only with the disadvantage of two extra browsing windows opened on your screens.

When you browse in Private browsing mode, the browser does not keep track of the pages you visited, the files you downloaded and cookies. So, there is a disadvantage if you want to view some of the pages that you viewed after you close the private browsing window.

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