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January 27, 2015

How to wrap extra-long text into multiple lines in Excel 2013

Excel allows you to accommodate extra-long text within a cell into multiple lines so that you can see all of it. This feature comes in very handy when your excel sheet has cells containing long text that you want to be displayed within the respective cells itself.

The following screenshot shows how the long-text “Itechmindz – Step yourself into the latest buzz in technology’ is displayed in cell A1, without the selection of Wrap text feature.

          Since cell A1 is not wrapped, you cannot see all of the text that you typed within the cell in the screenshot above.

Now, select cell A1 and choose Wrap Text.


You can now see that the long-text is accommodated within the cell in multiple lines, and you can see all of it.

Tip: - If you require all the cells within the worksheet to be wrapped automatically when you enter long texts, then select the whole worksheet by clicking on the Down-headed arrow present at the top left corner of the sheet, and then choose Wrap Text.

Now, the long texts that you enter in any of the cells in the current worksheet will be automatically wrapped.

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